Saturday, September 3, 2011

1. There is a post-it note on the wall beside me.
2. I ate something containing ground beef for dinner.
3. My hair is a mess and could use to be washed.
4. There is a tape dispenser on my desk.
5. I have recently colored in a children’s coloring book.
6. There is a song relating to food stuck in my head.
7. I purchased Sims Medieval - Pirates & Nobles expansion pack.
8. ^I am addicted to The Sims.
9. My very first surveys were done on DeadJournal.
10. I should probably cut my fingernails soon.
11. The past few nights I have struggled to sleep and wind up exhausted during the day.
12. I listen to something through Netflix every night before bed.
13. I wish I had a dishwasher.
14. The batteries to my keyboard died recently.
15. I was in the middle of watching a series, and I really enjoyed it, then randomly stopped watching it.
16. ^I do that a lot, and then months later start watching it again.
17. Sometimes I prefer to read books slowly so that they last longer.
18. I think the vampires on Buffy the Vampire Slayer look stupid.
19. One of my siblings came over this past weekend.
20. I write with my left hand, but do everything else with my right hand.
21. I liked to watch old sitcoms from when I was growing up.
22. I’d really like to have a cell phone, specifically an iPhone.
23. My birthday is coming up in less than two months.
24. I like to swim with my eyes open, even though it burns afterward.
25. ^I like to look up at the surface of the water when I am underneath it.
26. Swimming is just about the only thing I enjoy about summer time.
27. My sense of humor is considered strange to most people.
28. I have more than one computer.
29. I could easily fall asleep right now.
30. I want a room covered in pillows [even the walls!] that I could just lay on, bounce on, roll around on, etc.


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